Medical Visualization: Visualizing the Invisible

Medical Visualization: Visualizing the Invisible

Visualizing the Invisible

Foredrag ved Noeska Smit, Institutt for informatikk, Universitetet i Bergen

In the field of medicine, there has been a tremendous growth in the amount of medical imaging data that is acquired, such as computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans. In medical visualization, computer-based interactive visual representations of such data are made, often aiming at improved diagnosis, treatment planning, treatment guidance, and/or doctor-patient communication. At times, there are structures that are not visible in the original medical imaging scans. When these invisible structures are nerves, and they are at risk for damage during surgery, visualizing these invisible structures can be crucial to avoid such damage. In this talk, I will present several examples of my research, aiming at enhancing medical imaging data by integrating information from various sources into a combined visual representation for surgical planning and education purposes. 

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