Are you a startup looking for new customers? Then this event is for you. StartupLab and Bergen Teknologioverføring - BTO are co-hosting MeetCorporates in Bergen during Innovasjonsuken OPP. 

9 corporates have set aside time to meet one-to-one with Norwegian startups on September 20th. They will all participate with people from management, from both the technical and business/market side.

The deadline for applying to this event is September 2nd. Then the corporates will review all applications, and startups will know which meeting requests are met by September 11th. You will get the names of the participants from each corporate when your meeting requests are approved. 

Meeting format: 15 minutes to get your message across, and you set the agenda. Make sure to not spend the whole time on presenting, but to also leave time for questions and discussions. Ideally this first, quick meeting will lead to further, more thorough meetings and discussions.

For more information and to apply, go to

*Only for product startups. If you are an entrepreneur providing consulting services, you are unfortunately not eligible for this event. 

Torsdag 20 September
09:30 - 13:00
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Kalender 2018